Oak Bay Pharmasave

2200 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
P: (250) 598-3380 | F: Pharmacy Fax (250) 598 9820

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As said by Liz Smith, president of the Oak Bay Business Improvement Association, Oak Bay Pharmasave is the “heart of the Village”

Part of the Oak Bay community for over 50 years, Oak Bay Pharmasave has been generously serving its residents ever since. Known by many as the “one stop shop”, Oak Bay Pharmasave is more than just a Pharmacy. With its large Cosmetics department, Canada Post Office, General ConvenienceToys and Novelties, and EVERYTHING in between, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for – as well as many surprises! Items are brought in from all over the world, and the residents of Oak Bay know that Oak Bay Pharmasave is the place to find those unique gifts, and things you’ll not find in any other store, including other Pharmasaves in the area.

Originally owned and operated by Roy Tucker, the reigns were handed over to his son Tony in 1985. The Pharmacy has continued to grow and expand in ways that Roy had never imaged all those years ago. Roy originally purchased the Newport Pharmacy from Howard Bewley 1962, and in 1981 became one of the first Pharmasave Stores in Canada. There are now over 400 Pharmasave locations across Canada. 

Tony continues to operate the store to this day, and is praised by his employees for creating a family-like atmosphere that is both fun and rewarding to work in. And these aren’t just mere words – the majority of his staff have been with the Oak Bay Pharmasave store for over 5 years, with most over 10 years. When asked what keeps them here, the single most common answer is, “The Tuckers and Jason, Front Store Manager!” Though, Tony will be the first to admit it’s the quality of the staff that makes the place run as well as it does – it works because everyone is working together.

Oak Bay Pharmasave also enjoys sponsoring local various sports teams and organizations in the area. 

Come on by, and learn what’s it’s like to become part of the Oak Bay Family.

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