Oak Bay Pharmasave

2200 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
P: (250) 598-3380

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Our Team

Tony  Owner


Originally owned and operated by Roy Tucker, the reigns were handed over to his son Tony in 1985. And Tony continues to grow and expand the store in ways that Roy had never imaged all those years ago. Tony is well loved by his staff, many of them crediting their... read more
Karen  Owner


Karen, Tony’s Wife, is the co-owner of Oak Bay Pharmasave. She brings years of experience and expertise to the store. She has a unique ability for staying ahead of the trends and bringing in a variety of specialized cosmetics and giftware.  
Jason  Front Store Manager


Front Store Manager
Jason has worked at Oak Bay Pharmasave since 1996, beginning when he was only 23 years old. Now, after many years, Jason is the Front Store Manager managing over 30 employees. He thoroughly enjoys working with his Staff, who also return the compliment when asked, as well as his bosses,... read more
Anni  Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager
Since 2004, Anni has been part of the Oak Bay Pharmasave Team, as Assistant Manager to Jason. She credits her desire to remain with Oak Bay Pharmasave to the leadership of Tony, the owner, and her incredibly kind and friendly co-workers. It’s also a pleasure to assist the many customers;... read more
Gina  Pharmacy Manager


Pharmacy Manager
Gina obtained her BSc. of Pharmacy at UBC, and has been working at Oak Bay Pharmasave since 1997 in the role of Pharmacist Manager. As with many of her other co-workers, she finds the staff great to work alongside, upbeat, and positive. And the customers are some of the nicest... read more
Sandi  Pharmacist


As with most of the employees at Oak Bay Pharmasave, Sandi has also been with the store for many years. First starting in 2005, Sandi continues her role as a Pharmacist, and loves the community feel of Oak Bay Pharmasave. With her longevity at the store, she’s been able to... read more
Barry  Pharmacist


Barry has many years’ experience as a Pharmacist. He has a great sense of humor and brings us ice cream. So we like him.  Outside of work he likes to spend time with his family!
Lisa  Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant
Lisa has been a part of the Pharmacy Team since 2011. She has an incredibly positive outlook and always brings a cheerful attitude. She loves spending time with her kids and grandkids on her downtime.
Joanna  Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant
Joanna joined us in May 2015 as a front cashier and quickly worked her way into the Pharmacy as a technician. She has a fun outgoing personality and is a hard worker! She’s lived in Victoria her entire life. Outside of work she enjoys spending time her family in their... read more
Murphy  Pharmacist Assistant


Pharmacist Assistant
Murphy joined us in October 2017 to cover Maternity leave for Hannah! She has fit right in with the team and will continute part time once Hannah returns!
Dominique  Postal Clerk


Postal Clerk
Dominique joined the Post Office team in 2013. We are so awesome she moved all the way here from the Okanagan to join us! In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her fiance and her 2 cats! She’s also an avid reader and tea drinker.
Hue  Cashier


Hue, pronounced ‘Way’, is originally from Viet Nam and is always found with a smile on her face. She’s worked as a Cashier since 2005 and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Oak Bay Pharmasave is “her home” as she would say.  She loves baseball, and playing with her wonderful kids! Come by,... read more
Jeff  Jack of all trades


Jack of all trades
Jeff has worked here forever. Seriously. As a young boy he used to do deliveries on his bike as well as getting into lots of trouble with his twin brother! You can find him all over the store including front cash and the post office. Outside of work he loves... read more
Kayla  Cashier


Kayla joined us in November 2014 – we stole her from Starbucks! She’s another one who finds herself in many roles. You’ll find her in the Post Office, on the Front Tills, or working on ordering products! Outside of work she’s a big part of her Church community and loves... read more
Fiona  Customer Service


Customer Service
Fiona has been with us since the summer of 2016. She’s learning more within our company and taking on more responsibility. She’s a hard worker who moves as quickly as the energizer bunny! Keep an eye on her – she’s destined for big things!
Grace  Customer Service


Customer Service
Grace has been with us since Nov 2016. We quickly realized how great she is and got her trained in the Post Office! With a giant heart and great work ethic she is such a valued member of our team!
Sandy  Cosmetic Manager


Cosmetic Manager
Sandy joined us in April 2014. She began working in cosmetics in 1988 & has undertaken many roles including customer service, product representation, industry training, & management. She was nominated and was a finalist for the National Cosmeticians Associations’ Cosmetics Outstanding Service Awards. Being part of the Oak Bay Team... read more
Nairn  Cosmetician


Nairn grew up in Oak Bay and started shopping at the store in 1973! She has been an integral part of the Cosmetic Team since 2010. Nairn has extensive cosmetic experience as former Counter Manager with Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Business Manager for Clinique Laboratories and Sales Manager of Cosmetics &... read more
Lauren  Customer Service


Customer Service
Lauren joined us at the end of 2017 and has been working front cash and cosmetics! She has a passion for cosmetics and skin care and soaks up all the training she can! She is excited to learn and share her knowledge and we just love that!
Pat  Post Office Manager


Post Office Manager
Having worked in the Post Office since 2000, Pat knows everything there is to know about a post office and more. As Post Office Manager, she loves working for Tony, partly the reason why she’s never considered another job than at Oak Bay Pharmasave. One thing she finds particularly interesting about... read more
Sandeep  Postal Clerk


Postal Clerk
Sandeep has been in the Post Office since 2006, also known as our “Sunday Girl”. She works full time as Manager of Client Care at Royal Bank and spends her Sunday’s in the Post Office. Sandeep is a true inspiration to everyone who meets her. Mother to two amazing daughters... read more
Reggie  Post Master Reg


Post Master Reg
Reggie has been a valuable part of the team since his birth. He’s very eager to please and has great customer service. Outside of work he really enjoys tormenting his cat and chasing balls. Oh and treats! He really loves treats.
Tammy  Administration


Tammy has had a varied and interesting history at Oak Bay Pharmasave, having first begun with the store in 1996. Another ‘long term’ staff member, Tammy has had the unique experience of working in the Post Office, trained as a Pharmacy Technician, and played many other roles in the store.... read more
Kacie  Cosmetican


One of the beautiful Cosmeticians at Oak Bay Pharmasave, Kacie has been with the store since December of 2007. She feels the store has much to offer, boasting a large and varied jewelry section along with higher quality cosmetics than most. Doing make-overs for customers is one of the most enjoyable elements... read more
Mark  Receiver


Mark too has been a faithful employee at Oak Bay Pharmasave since 1998, and enjoys that fact that being a “jack of all trades” takes him all over the store, and has therefore become experienced in most areas, “from the floor to the till”. Mark credits his long stay at... read more
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